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Often when people think of the word “minimalism” it can sometimes carry a reputation for people who live in crisp monochromatic spaces with minimal belongings with a pinch of smugness. With conveniently placed big box stores to satisfy every want and need and the never-ending trends and affordably priced furnishings and décor to fill every space in your home.

It can be overwhelming for a home to function well with the amount of clutter that can be obtained by gathering so much stuff without a plan. Sometimes these items get kicked into a Goodwill pile or stuffed in a closet to be long forgotten but taking up both mental and physical space.

Part of the thought process in creating a minimally designed space for homeowners is to create a space they look forward to spending time recovering from a long day at work, a place where they can spend time conversing with family and friends over a meal, a place they can feel relaxed without feeling the need to take off somewhere to vacation, a place that feels like home. Feelings of content and satisfaction in a space that your investing time and money are highly important in planning a well thought out space, where both functionality and practicality are tied in together with a clean and minimal product for each client.

The idea of less is more is to provide a space where one can feel present in their daily living and the simplicity given in an artistic approach that visually and spiritually leave you feeling good about the world you created. For us it’s such an honor and privilege to be invited into people’s lives to create these custom environments by doing what we love, there is such an enormous amount of gratitude that comes from doing so.