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It can oftentimes feel daunting when you are thinking about clearing out the clutter and redesigning your home. Even the most organized homes can find ways to have piles of laundry, mail, shoes, and other random items that tend to form daily.

We can find ourselves task switching between cleaning and organizing, not to mention the amount of web search tabs opened on our phones of things you want to watch or read later, unopened email, social media and shopping carts of things we’re meaning to buy. One of the things I have found helpful to clear out all the physical and mental clutter was to make the decision to live a more minimal life – that included my schedule, but the idea of making my life more simple felt like a heavy task that would take a lot of time and energy, which felt redundant.

As with all things in life, it takes a bit of push, and realistically some things take a little more than that, to get anywhere in life, like eating healthier or working out, that all takes energy and a positive mindset. Deciding to give yourself a more simplistic life is a great gift to give yourself and it doesn’t have to be something that gets done in a day or two, it can be done over time. You can start room by room, and don’t get distracted by trying to do more than one pile, do one thing at a time and thank yourself for completing the task instead of being overwhelmed by all you would have liked to get done.

I find that having less stuff means less clutter, and less to clean and organize. Investing in some key pieces of furniture will not only help store important documents, decor, books, arts, and crafts, etc. it can add to your home as an attractive piece of art when everything is stored away.

Creating a more minimalist design doesn’t have to look bare or boring. Being more deliberate with subtle colors and adding a splash of color in the form of a warm throw, sofa pillows and pieces of art that makes your heart happy is a wonderful way to tie in your space, giving you something to look forward to when you walk into your home.
Deciding to bring new things into your home will only add value to your life and help reduce the stress and energy spent doing tasks when you are home, it will clear your schedule to do more things you enjoy, that’s you giving yourself the gift of time, enhancing your overall wellbeing.