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The idea of a simplified lifestyle is enticing yet finding the time and motivation to declutter and minimize may feel overwhelming. The pantry, closets, attic, basement, a garage full and the dreaded storage unit of the black abyss can all feel so intimidating. The best way to ease yourself into the process is by creating daily goals and blocking out small amounts of time to complete them. Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by the mounds of items to be sorted but rather feel accomplished with each pile you conquer. Start out by setting an alarm for 15 to 30 minutes and work on organizing items into categories. First, create your discard and donate pile and separate those items from the rest. Discard the items that don’t add value to your life. My rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t hold sentimental value and you haven’t used it in six months or more it’s not worth storing. There are many good options for donating or selling items. A few of our go to’s are neighborhood apps, social media platforms, and local thrift stores.

The next step is to categorize the remaining items into subjects such as seasonal decor, holiday items, keepsakes, etc. Once you start to dwindle down your piles you can start thinking of creative storage solutions such as baskets, furniture with storage, bins, racks, shelves, etc. The appropriate storage solution should be both visually appealing and make sense for the item. For instance, books should be on bookshelves, soft goods in baskets, seasonal items in bins and so forth. Now for the fun part, find some inspiration photos on social media or Pinterest. Incorporate the aesthetic into your space and storage options while considering functionality. Creating a vision for space will not only motivate and inspire you but will make the process more fun.

Once you have created your organized new space the process isn’t over. Remember that you are committing to a lifestyle. Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic; it’s a way of living without unnecessary possessions. Everything you own should either function or hold value to you. Invest in high-quality items and stray from impulse buys and the deception of trends set by retailers. Define what your essentials are and learn to live within those limits. It takes time and energy to create the productive and functional space you are striving for but slowly you will see it come together and begin to feel the freedom of a more simplistic lifestyle